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The Dark Diva Rules of Mixology … and Life!

These are the rules that dictate my approach to mixology. They also make sense for how to approach life in general. I hope you find some inspiration in them.

1. Live like you mean it …because it matters!
(There are no mulligans in life, so make each drink and each day count!)

2. Live Adventurously!
(Experiment and try new things because it’s the only way to discover new things you like.)

3. Live Passionately!

(Put your heart into everything you do — life, love, work, mixology.)

4. Live Richly!

(Treat yourself, your family and your friends well. Enjoy life. Find the value in every moment.)

5. Live Respectfully!

(Respect yourself and others. Listen. Be patient. Respect the craft that goes into the each drink
… and its potency.)

Miss Bri,
The Dark Diva

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