About The Dark Diva Rules

As a writer, actor, and director, I’ve always been fascinated by spirits and the art of mixology. In one form or another, they have both been intertwined with life since the earliest days of human civilization. In Ancient Greece, for example, Dionysus was the god of wine and drama (celebrations honoring him evolved into theater).


Today, we use spirits to celebrate everything, from the end of the workweek (Friday happy hour) to the memory of the recently departed (wakes), including wedding receptions, anniversaries, sports championships, college graduations, birthdays, retirements, engagements and so much more. And it is in this context that The Dark Diva Rules was conceived.


Several years ago, I started experimenting with mixing various spirits together to create tasty drinks that I gave fun names, like “The Blarney Dutchman.” (One of my earliest and still favorite libations, I made it to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a smoothly intoxicating combination of Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur and Van Gogh Dutch Caramel vodka.) From there, I started developing drinks for special occasions to share with my friends, like my “Screaming Banshee” and “Velvet Whip” shots for Halloween and my Twisted Pilgrim sipper/shooter for Thanksgiving.


Back in April of this year (2018), I had just posted my latest recipe at the time on Facebook for a drink called the “Orient Espresso”, when two of my theater friends, Ginny and Jan, both posted suggestions that I should consider taking my drink creations beyond just posting them on my Facebook page. It was just the push I needed and, thus, The Dark Diva Rules was born.


At The Dark Diva Rules, we focus on celebrating each special moment, because life is too short not to try to enjoy it as much as possible. Our signature cocktail recipes are created to be a fun and engaging way to jazz up these moments and make them more memorable, whether it’s a little get-together with friends, a corporate or social event, or a unique gift to honor someone for a special occasion.


As we go forward, we’re continually expanding to include my Fresh & Twisted Blog with reviews, new drink concoctions, and the latest news from the world of spirits, nightlife, dining and more. Plus, Miss Kat, my Dark Diva Daughter will be taking us inside the New York City Goth scene for something interesting and different with her Putting The Goth in Gotham Blog.


Finally, while we believe in having fun, we also strongly believe that you still need to enjoy life and these refreshments responsibly. That especially means NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!!!! But it also means NOT being mean or otherwise making a total ass of yourself. Even when you’re indulging, treat others the way you want to be treated!


Thanks for visiting our web site and we hope you enjoy following The Dark Diva Rules!

Miss Bri, The Dark Diva

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