Mixology - Dark Diva Style

Our approach to mixology is much like creating food recipes. We like to start with a goal for what kind of drink we want to create in terms of occasion, season, color, geographic location, potency, etc. Next, we tend to begin using familiar spirits and then mix in other ingredients with what we feel are complementary flavor profiles. It is always an experiment in varying the amounts and combinations until we hit on something we like that is in line with our goal.


We are also very specific in listing the brands used in developing each recipe, because there are frequently variances in the flavor profiles of different brands of the same type of spirits, especially across different price levels. And while the variances may be subtle, they can alter the taste of the recipe. (This is why we also add a surcharge for specific brands and premium brands when developing custom cocktail recipes. We need to use the actual products in making the recipe to assure that the proportions are correct for the desired taste outcome.)


We hope you will try and like many of our recipes, but since every recipe has its own unique flavor profile and strength, we know they will not all appeal to everyone.


Also please feel free to email us with suggestions or post them on our Facebook page.


Of course, if you happen to wake with a hangover after trying some of our more lethal recipes, don’t be surprised. After all, your pain is our pleasure! hahahaha

Ingredients for the Baja Shark’s Milk AKA TNT (Twisted Night in Tijuana)

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