Another Successful Party Sampling Including An Adventure In A Glass

Sunday July 15, 2018

Greetings from The Dark Diva,

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! It was very busy this past week as we were deciding on the recipes and collecting the ingredients for bringing samples to another party on Saturday. We had a great time and the recipe samples were a big hit.

The hostess messaged me earlier today to say, “Thanks for coming …. Dark Diva! Your concoctions were delicious and so fun and added a special som’in som’in to the festivities!”

And a party guest posted today that, “The one I tasted was yummy.”

I also received a lot of compliments on the different recipes that folks tried (usually more than one), so I consider it a very successful sampling.

If you want to try the recipes at home, here is Saturday’s sampling menu:

The Purple Lace Martini

Seductive, sweet and oh sooo devilishly delightful! You simply must throw caution to the wind and indulge your wildest fantasies with this forbidden concoction!

• 1 oz. Skyy Infusions®
Vanilla Bean Vodka
• 0.25 oz. Mathilde Orange
X.O. Liqueur
• 3 oz. POM Wonderful®
   Pomegranate Blueberry Juice

Mix ingredients together with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass and kiss your inhibitions good-bye! (Please note: I assume no responsibility for STD, children or anything else that may result!)

Let the games begin!

Adventure In A Glass:
Boston Orient Blood River Punch Martini

More than just a martini, the Dark Diva’s latest mysterious concoction is a wild adventure in a glass. Set sail from Boston aboard the Boston Orient, a rust-bucket tramp steamer, on a quest with 1930’s style intrigue as a colorful cast of characters gathers at the Blood River Plantation on the southern coast of unexplored Papua New Guinea to
search for a lost gold mine.

Here, you will find One-eyed Jack Gamble, a grizzled bear of a man who will ask you why you’ve come. You must whisper three words correctly and precisely or you will be sent on your way to fend for yourself amid the hostile faces outside. “Le fouet noir.” French for The Black Whip, it gains you an audience with The Dark Diva, queen of the island’s secrets. She mixes a secret concoction and pours it into a glass with the warning that you have to pass the test of drinking only one and remaining sober. Succeed and you may continue your quest. Fail, and you may end up a snack for a monster crocodile or joining cannibals for dinner … as the main course.

• 1 oz. Malibu® Caribbean Rum
with Coconut Liqueur
• 0.5 oz. Jose Cuervo Especial®
Silver Agave Tequila
• 0.5 oz. Tangueray® London Dry Gin
• 0.25 oz. Patrón Citrónge®
  Extra Fine Mango Liqueur
• 0.25 oz. Leroux Crème de Banana Liqueur
• A Splash of DeKuyper® Blue Curacao Liqueur
• 4 oz. Ocean Spray
®Diet Cran-Pineapple™ Juice

Mix ingredients together with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass and toast to surviving (hopefully) the perils of ruthless enemy agents, cutthroat pirates, murderous crooks, head-hunting cannibals, deadly animals, brutal heat, severe weather and treacherous terrain.

Let the adventure begin! Bon chance!

The Wicked Southern Grillside Tea
AKA Twisted BBQ Juice

Cool, refreshing, fiery and surprisingly lethal, it may make you decide to stay by the grill all summer long!!! But be careful, because we’re playing with fire! Life’s too short for boring drinks!!!

• 1 oz. Maker’s Mark®
Kentucky Straight
Bourbon Whiskey
  (A good Southern tradition)
• 0.5 oz. Marie Brizard No. 18   Watermelon Liqueur
(A summer refresher)
• 0.25 oz. Wild Moon®Lime Liqueur (Made in Hartford for a “wicked” touch)
• 4 oz. Pure Leaf
®Unsweetened Black Tea (Real Brewed Tea) (Good stuff!)
• 3 drops of Tabasco®Sauce (Southern heat with a twist)

Mix ingredients with ice in an 8 oz. glass.

Go ahead and light your fire!

The Miss Lucy – Sweet & Sassy

A tribute to the newest addition to my adopted Bushey family, this drink pays homage to both sides of her nature and serves as a warning to her future romantic interests (years from now).

• 1 oz. Bacardi Gold Rum
(Aged to sweet perfection, it represents her long-
awaited arrival.)
• 1 oz. Mathilde Orange X.O. Liqueur
(As warm and infectious as her smile, but it sneaks up on you.)
• 0.5 oz. Leroux Crème de Banana Liqueur
(There’s bit of monkey business in her smile.)
• 0.25 oz. Galliano L’autentico Liqueur
(For the Italian in her, sweet and intriguing,)
• 0.25 oz. Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
(Sweet as a hug, but there’s always an eye for mischief.)
• 4 oz. Pineapple Juice
(It’s a bright smile with a tart twinkle that will make any day better.)
• 2 long splashes Wild Moon®Cranberry Liqueur
(Sassy like a New England girl should be.)

Mix ingredients together, pour over ice.

Toast Miss Lucy and enjoy!

The Royal Purple Diva Martini

This drink’s irresistibly enticing flavor is the result of a perfect balancing in the intertwining of crisp pear warmed by smooth vodka with the tangy sweetness of citrus liqueur and the refreshing tartness of pomegranate juice. To say it’s simply delicious is an understatement. It’s a taste of nirvana in a glass.

• 1 oz.Skyy Infusions® Bartlett Pear Vodka
• 0.25 oz. Patrón Citrónge®Orange Liqueur
• 3 oz. Of POM Wonderful®Pomegranate Juice

Combine the above elements in a glass with ice, stir well, pour into a chilled martini glass and enjoy.

Taste dark side heaven!