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The Dark Diva persona came to life for a Halloween costume party in 2016 at one of the theaters I often performed at in Connecticut. I had also whipped up a menu of unique Halloween shots for the party. That was the launching point when The Dark Diva became a fun, permanent character in my life. And it just seemed to fit when I was deciding on a name for my mixology business. The rules part has to do both with self-proclaimed title of Mistress Bri (I’ve got the whip to prove it) and my rules of mixology.  (This is all in fun, so don’t waste your time or mine by thinking it’s anything else!)

The Dark Diva Story …

As a writer, actor and director, I’ve always been drawn to the creative arts, and that includes mixology. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed trying new spirits and new cocktails and sharing them with my friends. Then, in 2018, my friends Ginny and Jan encouraged me to turn it into a business and The Dark Diva Rules (see what inspired the name below) was officially launched. I began creating custom cocktail recipes for special events/occasions, doing Happy Hour and spirits reviews, as well as posting recipes and drink ideas regularly on my social media. Plus, get recipes, reviews and news on my DRINK IT UP BLOG!

With every cocktail recipe I create, I strive to  make it an adventure in a glass that evokes a sense of place, celebration, seasons, emotions and more. (Learn more about my rules of mixology … life here.) Often these recipes involve unique combinations of spirits that are way outside the norm. That’s the way it should be, because experimentation is the key to discovering new and better things. At the same time, we all have different tastes, so feel free to adjust any recipe until it suits you. 

Branching out with this new updated web site, I’m now offering recipe card sets you can order to try your hand at mixology at home. So be sure and check out  THE DARK DIVA RULES MIXOLOGY ONLINE STORE as well as follow me on my social media and blog to keep up with all the latest in the world of spirits and cocktails.

My Story …

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